CAM-ASEAN Textbook “New Total English”

It has been roughly 2.5 years since I began teaching at CAM-ASEAN; and within this period, I have been lucky enough to teach several different courses to our student body. Out of all the courses I have taught, my favorite would have to be Total English. One of a teacher’s worse fear is being assigned […]

Effective and efficient ways of learning English grammar

When it comes to learning English, being fluent in speaking and knowing an abundance of words may not be sufficient. Being a language fluent is not the learners’ ultimate goal but being a language competent is.  Hence, mastering a language requires learners’ time and effort in comprehending how the language they learn is structurally and […]

Benefits of Reading

Reading is no doubt one of the most important skills in learning a language. However, reading is also notorious for being boring and challenging for most language learners. Despite the obstacles, students must acknowledge the importance and benefits that reading holds, and learn how to thrive in reading. Among many benefits of reading, exposure to […]

How to Improve Writing Skills

Writing expresses and communicates your ideas by means of creating pieces of written work. Do you enjoy writing? Is it an interesting activity for you? Needless to say, writing in one’s first language is a piece of cake; however, when it comes to penning something in a foreign language, some may find it hard that […]