CAM-ASEAN organized a study tour to Kids City

    CAMBODIA-ASEAN International School’s Young Learner Program provides students with the interactive and investigative learning environment and hands-on experiences through scientific and up-to-date lessons and relevant program activities. In the globalized generation, it is important for students to boost their scientific discovery and knowledge at an early age. We strongly believe that the benefits of learning science for young kids are enormous as it helps our students develop their critical thinking skills and to analyze his or her own reasoning.

    Apart from including Science subject in YLP curriculum, we want to create amazing learning experiences that can inspire and motivate children to learn and explore more on their own.

    On March 23rd, 2018, CAM-ASEAN International School organized a study tour to Kids City which allows young learners to explore an amazing science gallery and to have some fun at the same time. Students are amazed and astounded exploring a bicycle ride on a wire, a ball floating in mid-air, exhibits on light, sound, gravity, electricity, and other experiments

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    CAM-ASEAN has been founded to meet the needs of Cambodia’s youth to achieve fluency in the English language and to best prepare them for integration into the ASEAN community.

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