YLP Spelling BEE

Young Leaner Program (YLP) of Cambodia-ASEAN International School is uniquely designed for students aged from 6 to 12. The program is achieved by relating their English language learning to broader educational goals with direct connections to other content-based subjects such as natural science and social science. YLP provides students with interactive and investigative learning classroom, […]

CAM-ASEAN organized a trip to the Royal Palace

On Saturday, September 22, 2018, CAM-ASEAN Young Learner Program organized a trip to the Royal Palace, one of the most splendid historical places in Cambodia. Students were given a chance to understand and learn about the history of the place, the civilization of Khmer empire and the amazing architectural design that portrays the Cambodian culture […]

CAM-ASEAN organized a study tour to Kids City

CAMBODIA-ASEAN International School’s Young Learner Program provides students with the interactive and investigative learning environment and hands-on experiences through scientific and up-to-date lessons and relevant program activities. In the globalized generation, it is important for students to boost their scientific discovery and knowledge at an early age. We strongly believe that the benefits of learning science […]